Physical therapy gives a higher life expectancy

Physical therapy gives a higher life expectancy

Physiotherapist giving physical therapy to senior man in clinic

There are several health benefits of regular physical activities and exercises. Physical therapies can give higher life expectancies as compared to other treatments. Physical activities play a key role in improving the cardiorespiratory & cardiovascular functioning, reducing biological risk factors (such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and high sugar levels in the body), stroke, reduces the chances of cancer and maintaining the proper physical functioning of the body. But except these benefits, physical therapy can improve the life span? It is a difficult question, and its answer is also a little bit confusing.

 Do you know, the most common cause of death in the Western side is cardio and malignancies problems?  According to one analytical report of 2017, 65.9% of men and 68.6% of women were died because of these diseases in the boundaries of Germany. Moreover, respiratory diseases are the second most prominent factor that causes the death of people, and 10% of people in the world died after every 3 years due to this problem.

Regular physical activities can improve many health conditions such as chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, dyslipidemia, arterial hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary problems. With some regular physical activities, life span gets better. But can it improve furthermore with regular sports activities? The answer to this question still has to find.

Are you sure about the bond between physical activities and longevity of life span?

Observational studies have performed the various operations on different sections of the popularity. These studies have shown that the higher physical activities and responding of the human body are bound with each other. A new large study has shown that daily brisk walking for a few minutes can increase life expectancies even in people with overweight issues.

If a normal weight person spends 150 minutes weekly on doing some physical exercise, then he/she can survive 4.3 more years as compared to others. In one report, it is mentioned that most of the people in the US are overweight, and they face difficulties in reducing their weights. I-Min Lee is the famous epidemiology professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who has worked on several physical health and life-expanding studies. According to his research, being active physically and mentally can increase a life span not only in normal people but also in overweight persons. The professor and researcher Lee said that this is the first most beneficial study on the subject of estimating the years and deaths of lives due to Body Mass Index (BMI) & less physical activities.

Best Routines for Longevity

Physical therapist Stian Nyhus from Norway, has a extended degree within longevity trought physical therapy and has his own clinic, Fysioterapeut Kristiansand.

He says some simple exercises help you to improve your life span and stay physically active all day long.

Here are his top 3 recommendations:

  • Brisk walking or walk fast almost for an hour every day
  • Work on the strengthening of your muscles by doing weight-free or physical training exercises
  • Perform simple cardiovascular exercises almost 3 to 6 hours per week

Increasing the moderate rate of exercise by hours per week can decrease the death rate by 37%. According to different studies and analytical researches, it is shown that physical activities do have some effect on the longevity of life span.